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Universal Life Singapore Insurance And How You Can Benefit From it For Your Loved Ones?


You Have Worked Hard To Achieve Financial Success, Have You Planned Hard Enough To Create A Legacy That Is Strong, Stable And Enduring?

From The Desk of : Philip Chua, Director iFinancialBlueprint Consultancy Pte Ltd

Dear Friends,

You have accomplished much in life through your hard work and determination. Your success implies that your financial planning is very different from other individual. You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth, and as a result, you do understand that life may not always be smooth sailing. You understand that insurance is not so much to provide for your family’s normal living expenses but to preserve the wealth and assets that you have taken a lifetime to build so as to ensure a strong, stable and enduring legacy for your loved ones.

Hi, my name is Philip and I am a Certified Financial Consultant (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Financial Practitioner (ChFP). My Financial titles are not important, what’s most important is how I can help in your Personal Financial Planning in the area of Universal Life planning.

Let me share with you about Universal Life Singapore Insurance History…

Universal Life insurance has in fact been popular overseas for more than several decades. Personally, my team of consultants and myself have served High Net Worth (HNW) individual in their universal life insurance planning in Indonesia for more than a decade. In recent years, when more and more insurance companies registered in Singapore are offering Universal Life policies approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), there has been an increasing trend of take up rates of these Universal Life policies from HNW clients from these insurance companies licensed in Singapore. Perhaps the standing of Singapore Government do help build up the confidence for HNW individual to take up Universal Life Policies approved in Singapore.

What about Universal Life Singapore Insurance Features?


Unlike normal life insurance policies in Singapore, Universal Life Singapore insurance is usually denominated in US$ currency.  The insurance coverage starts from US$500,000 to as high as US$50 Million. The entry age varies from company to company but it is around 18-75 years old on average. Premium paid to Universal Life Singapore Policies can be Single or multiple payments up to 10 years. Interest earned in Universal Life is usually higher and they usually guarantee a minimum interest rate better than the major bank deposits rates. Interest is usually credited on a daily basis, which is attractive from the insured’s point of view. Cash Values are available from Day 1 of the Universal Life Policy, which is much better than traditional life policy where cash value is only available at Year 3.

As long as the cash value of Universal Life Singapore policy is enough to cover insurance and policy charges etc., there is flexibility for the insured to manage the premium and life insurance coverage. Charges are also more transparent in universal life policy and clients can expect to receive statement outlining all charges on a monthly or quarterly basis. Some Universal Life policies also offer regular cash pay out on the 11th years and that can serve as an annuity payment to the insured. It is also to be noted that your cash returns and life insurance pay out under Universal Life Policy will be free from taxation.

There is a myth that Universal Life Singapore Policy is only meant for multi-millionaires. What I can say is that this is not entirely true. It used to be and it is still true for those Ultra HNW individual seeking Universal Life policy for wealth preservation and legacy planning. However, I have witnessed more and more affluent successful professional in Singapore also taking up Universal Life policy for wealth creation purpose. To know more about Universal Life Singapore Policy and how it can benefits you and your family in your wealth management planning, do fill up the form below for us to contact you for a non-obligation discussion today!

As you didn’t take your success by chance, do not leave your wealth creation and preservation planning by chance too. Talk to us today!

We will show you in details how Universal Life Singapore Insurance can benefit you in your Wealth Management Planning, Strictly No Obligation.

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